Make profit no matter what way the market turns.
On average our clients have received a 30% profit return each month. Compounded this gives you more than 2,000% growth per year, which is more than 20 X your money. We have never had a losing month. We have NO access to your account, we make the trades for you and trust you to send us a cut of your profit each month.
Crypto Currency is the future and it is only just beginning...
Is your portfolio always up and down?
We use leveraged trading to short and long, this means your money goes up every month even if the market drops. Our traders also manage your Binance account to offer HUGE growth in alt coin trading.
Sit back and let the Pros handle it all!
We have a team of professional traders who have been trading forex and crypto for over 80 years between them. You simply sit back and watch your money grow each and every month.
NO access to your funds!
We have no access to your money at all. You just give us trading access to your accounts, meaning we handle your trades but ONLY YOU can deposit and withdraw your funds.
Heard of Bitcoin but not sure about it?
No problem at all, you can visit our offices or do a video conference call and we can walk you through it and give you a free consultation.
We ONLY make money if you are in profit!
Trust and Safety
We are a registered company with physical offices you can visit. We have no access to your funds at any stage.

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Risk Free Trading
Our trading approach means we have never had a month without profit, it is the safest way to trade.

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Keep Control
See how each trade is performing, log in, we have no access, an API allows us to make the trades.

There is no minimum investment, test the water... then increase your investment!
Open a Bitmex & Binance account independant from us, it takes just a few moments and no verification is required.
Follow our video tutorials in the members area to setup the accounts and then create API keys.
When setting this up you select an option to restrict us from withdrawing funds. You then send us the API keys.
Follow the video tutorials to buy and deposit Bitcoin into your Bitmex account. We then test the API to check it is all working.
We never have your password or username for your Bitmex or Binance accounts, the API allows us to trade for you.
Our professional traders make the trades and you simply log in to see your money grow each month.
Join Now with just a small investment!
No Minimum Investment
We no how good we are and we know you will invest more, that is why we have no minimum investment.
Earn by Referring
Become a BITMEX CAPITAL affiliate and earn 5% of your referrals profit each and every month for life.
Learn as you Earn
Sit back and collect your profit but we also help you learn trading and understand the crypto world in your members area.
Do you have any questions?
BITMEX CAPITAL provides outstanding support and personal account managers. We have physical offices, a large team of traders and staff members, you can also call us or email us during working hours and we can arrange video conference calls.
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